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URGENT: Update Letter from Keri Cole, Chief Education Officer
URGENT: 'Head's Up' the Headteachers Newsletter
URGENT: Letter to All Parents - Streaming Permission
URGENT: How and when should I get my child tested for coronavirus?
URGENT: Letter from the Headteacher to Year 12 and Year 13 10/09/2020
URGENT: Letter from the Headteacher 08/09/2020
URGENT: Risk Assessment Opening of School Buildings Sept 2020
Unfortunately we have one positive case of coronavirus and a group of students in one year group as well as students that travel on the Nelson bus have been asked to isolate. There are no other cases and all students will be able to come to school as normal unless they have received a text from the Headteacher.
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Role of the GB

Lewis Girls' School

Governors Role

The role of the Governing Body can be contrasted with that of the Headteacher. In general terms, the Headteacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school. The respective roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body and the Headteacher is set out more fully in the School Government (Terms of Reference) (Wales) Regulations 2000. Those Regulations provide amongst other things that the Governing Body must exercise its functions with a view to fulfilling a broadly strategic role in the running of the school. The Regulations provide that the Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the Governing Body.

School improvement plan

Click here to view the Self Evaluation Framework and School development plan in PDF form.

3 YEAR FORWARD PLANNING – Lewis Girls’ school.                     June 2019


The school has spent a number of years developing the curriculum in readiness for the full introduction of the ‘New

Curriculum’ in 2022.

Our work on the 4 purposes (ambitious, capable learners, enterprising creative contributors, healthy confident individuals

and  ethically, informed citizens) is moving steadily forward. This is illustrated through the work we are doing in the 6 AOLEs

(Areas Of Learning Experiences), through our Learning Development Teams (LDTs).

What we have achieved so far in 2018/19:

  • · A Learning Organisation that has moved towards the National Mission document

.    Progress on Literacy across the curriculum – SPAG, reading

  • · Progress on numeracy – numeracy interventions, numeracy lessons, numeracy across the curriculum
  • · Progress on the DCF – Digital Design lessons, STEM lessons, e portfolios, 365 audit
  • · Progress in the implementation of a Humanities curriculum for year 7 and 8
  • · Increased emphasis on the e portfolio to be used as a means of tracking achievement
  • · A pilot in year 7 with every child using a Chromebook for all lessons
  • · The introduction of ‘Health and Wellbeing’ lessons in the year 7 curriculum (PE, PSE and mini WBQ working collaboratively)

Towards the Curriculum for Wales 2019 - 22:  -    Developing the four core purposes of learning – curriculum at KS3

 Implementing curriculum innovation through the work of the Learning Development Teams (LDTs)

  • I discover - STEM, DCF
  • I thrive - Health and Wellbeing year 8
  • I create - Expressive arts
  • I explore - Humanities
  • I communicate - English and international languages
  • I calculate - maths and numeracy

Cross curricular themes for school improvement already identified by self-evaluation processes

-     Literacy – Oracy/ extended writing

-     Numeracy – graphs / number skills

-     ICT/DCF/STEM – Chromepads/ application of knowledge

-     Welsh and Bi-lingualism – incidental Welsh / Welsh culture

-     Readiness to learn – health and wellbeing/ behaviour management

Additional themes

-     Confidence and independence – leadership opportunities / leadership in learning

-     Closing the eFSM gap

-     Development of whole school SEREN

-     Support for vulnerable learners

-     Progress in giving quality feedback to learners – policy in to practice

-     Variation in performance at subject level – review schedule / performance data

-    Developing staff through the context of the New Professional Standards

-   continuing focus on strategies to support KS4 performance in maths and English

What we will need to embed in 2019/20 and 2020/21

  • · Our understanding, and implementation of, the ‘Expressive Arts’ experience for the KS3 learner
  • · The development of the Chromebook pilot scheme into year 8 and 9
  • · Further development of the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Curriculum, particularly further work on positive mental health and the development of a pastoral system that is fit for purpose
  • · Further development of STEM - into year 8, and potentially year 9
  • · Restructure of the workforce to facilitate the collaboration needed for the New Curriculum
  • · The further development of an authentic and real ‘I LEARN’ curriculum

Collaboration to impact on outcomes

  • · Further development of the LNS work
  • · Ongoing support for transition and cluster working
  • · Further development of consortium links in the URV
  • · Action research that impacts on classroom practice
  • · Further work with parents and the community

·    Performance management that focused on the professional standards


Click here to view the Self Evaluation Framework and School development plan in PDF form. 


Governor responsibilities

Governors are responsible corporately for spending moneys delegated to them for the purposes of the school by the Local Authority in accordance with the legislation and funding regulations.  They are not personally liable for the corporate decisions of the governing body.

Governors of maintained schools must follow Local Authority financial regulations (which are partly laid down by the School Funding Regulations).  These will include rules on insurance (where relevant), contracts, and tendering.  Governors need to be clear about these rules.

Lewis Girls' School

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