School improvement plan

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3 YEAR FORWARD PLANNING – Lewis Girls’ school.                     June 2019


The school has spent a number of years developing the curriculum in readiness for the full introduction of the ‘New

Curriculum’ in 2022.

Our work on the 4 purposes (ambitious, capable learners, enterprising creative contributors, healthy confident individuals

and  ethically, informed citizens) is moving steadily forward. This is illustrated through the work we are doing in the 6 AOLEs

(Areas Of Learning Experiences), through our Learning Development Teams (LDTs).

What we have achieved so far in 2018/19:

  • · A Learning Organisation that has moved towards the National Mission document

.    Progress on Literacy across the curriculum – SPAG, reading

  • · Progress on numeracy – numeracy interventions, numeracy lessons, numeracy across the curriculum
  • · Progress on the DCF – Digital Design lessons, STEM lessons, e portfolios, 365 audit
  • · Progress in the implementation of a Humanities curriculum for year 7 and 8
  • · Increased emphasis on the e portfolio to be used as a means of tracking achievement
  • · A pilot in year 7 with every child using a Chromebook for all lessons
  • · The introduction of ‘Health and Wellbeing’ lessons in the year 7 curriculum (PE, PSE and mini WBQ working collaboratively)

Towards the Curriculum for Wales 2019 - 22:  -    Developing the four core purposes of learning – curriculum at KS3

 Implementing curriculum innovation through the work of the Learning Development Teams (LDTs)

  • I discover - STEM, DCF
  • I thrive - Health and Wellbeing year 8
  • I create - Expressive arts
  • I explore - Humanities
  • I communicate - English and international languages
  • I calculate - maths and numeracy

Cross curricular themes for school improvement already identified by self-evaluation processes

-     Literacy – Oracy/ extended writing

-     Numeracy – graphs / number skills

-     ICT/DCF/STEM – Chromepads/ application of knowledge

-     Welsh and Bi-lingualism – incidental Welsh / Welsh culture

-     Readiness to learn – health and wellbeing/ behaviour management

Additional themes

-     Confidence and independence – leadership opportunities / leadership in learning

-     Closing the eFSM gap

-     Development of whole school SEREN

-     Support for vulnerable learners

-     Progress in giving quality feedback to learners – policy in to practice

-     Variation in performance at subject level – review schedule / performance data

-    Developing staff through the context of the New Professional Standards

-   continuing focus on strategies to support KS4 performance in maths and English

What we will need to embed in 2019/20 and 2020/21

  • · Our understanding, and implementation of, the ‘Expressive Arts’ experience for the KS3 learner
  • · The development of the Chromebook pilot scheme into year 8 and 9
  • · Further development of the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Curriculum, particularly further work on positive mental health and the development of a pastoral system that is fit for purpose
  • · Further development of STEM - into year 8, and potentially year 9
  • · Restructure of the workforce to facilitate the collaboration needed for the New Curriculum
  • · The further development of an authentic and real ‘I LEARN’ curriculum

Collaboration to impact on outcomes

  • · Further development of the LNS work
  • · Ongoing support for transition and cluster working
  • · Further development of consortium links in the URV
  • · Action research that impacts on classroom practice
  • · Further work with parents and the community

·    Performance management that focused on the professional standards


Click here to view the Self Evaluation Framework and School development plan in PDF form. 


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